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It has recently been announced that a new high school may be built in your community. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details in your answer.

I very much support the plan of building high school in my community. The reason being, building a school is a noble job. A school is primarily meant for imparting education that is a paramount importance in every ones life.

A school is an institution where students or pupils can learn while under the supervision of teachers. In most systems of formal education, students progress through a series of schools: primary school, high school, higher secondary school, and possibly a university, vocational school or a college. At the school students may also learn many creative works like singing, dancing, vocal music, instrumental music and many more. Without education no one can have sound footing or stand the competition and win the race. Those who are not educated have no chance for getting a job and earn thereby uneducated population has to suffer unemployment and poverty all through the life.

Schools in the new age are becoming a larger and larger driving force in popular culture. It is not unheard of to hear of schools coming together to perform large tasks for current world events. Schools and schoolchildren are frequently portrayed in fiction and the media, ranging from Harry Potter and Grange Hill to Battle Royale and many more.

In conclusion School education opens many avenues for earning, a good employment and handsome salary thereby one does not only earn for livelihood but also earn good money. Also one can make his or her dreams of becoming Doctor, Engineer, Businessman, Actor, Scientist, Pilot and Astronaut come true. In light of the above, plan of building a high school shall be a boon to the community and must be most welcome.

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Imagine that you have received some land to use as you wish. How would you use this land? Use specific details to explain your answer.


For the purpose of this essay, I imagine I get my agricultural dreamland in the countryside. Here I would prefer to develop and do farming. I shall elaborate my viewpoint in the following paragraphs.

Metropolitan areas all over the world are growing at unprecedented rates, creating extensive urban landscapes. Many of the farmlands, wetlands, forests, and deserts have been transformed during the past 100 years into human settlements. In the last 200 years, world population has increased enormously, stressing ecological systems and resulting into environment pollution and global warming problems. It is high time we study these landscapes from a spatial perspective and measure the changes that have occurred and predict the impact of changes to come. 

Farming was once the chief way of life in nearly every country. People cannot live without food, and nearly all their food comes from crops and animals raised on farms. Many other materials such as cotton and wool also come from plants and animals raised on farms. Not many people farm for a living any more, but farming remains the most important occupation in the world.  

Scientific methods and labor-saving machinery have made farming increasingly productive. The development of improved plant varieties and fertilizers has helped double and even triple the yields of some major crops. Scientific livestock care and breeding have helped increase the amount of meat and products that animals produce. At the same time, the use of tractors and other modern farm equipment has sharply reduced the need for farm labor.  

In nutshell, because farming has become less important as a way of life in the world, it has become more important as a business enterprise. I would therefore prefer to use my dreamland for faming and develop it to optimum level.

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A balanced diet, or eating balanced meals, is the key to a healthy life. Do you agree or disagree to the statement? Give reasons for your answer.


I agree to the fact that a balanced diet intake contributes to good health. However there are many other factors e.g. disciplined daily schedule like sleeping in time, waking up in time and eating in time are most important. Even if diet is balanced but taken at irregular intervals can do more harm than good to the health of a person.

Furthermore regular physical exercises are a paramount importance for a healthy living. In the modern computer era there is a great lack of exercise in every one’s life giving rise to several problems, like we totally miss personal and human touch that gives rise to stress and anxiety. We are now more introverts, we tend to remain sedentary that may give rise to obesity, weight gain blood pressure etc. Also one suffers from spine related problems like back ache, muscular pains etc those are the professional hazards. In order to maintain good health one must do regular exercises and take help of yoga and meditation those help relieving stress and hypertension.

Non-Vegetarian diet has excessive fats and proteins that can cause obesity however vegetarian diet has relatively low fats and proteins hence taking vegetarian diet helps maintaining good health.

In conclusion it is not alone balanced diet intake or eating balanced meals is the key factor that helps maintaining good health but several other factors like type of diet, regularity in eating habits, regularity in sleeping and waking, regular exercises are the factors that contribute to one’s good health. ———-(250 Words)———-

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Students can become very tired both emotionally and physically when they are preparing for an examination. How can they look after their health while they are studying?
Students get certain amount of tension while preparing for examination is quite a natural phenomenon. Students who feel certain amount of tension during exam preparation are health wise absolutely normal.

Excessive tension results into disturbed sleep because of which students are rendered restless, and when they keep on exerting under restless condition, obviously they get physically tired. The main cause of this overburden during exam preparation is because majority students, during the studies session, badly while-away their precious time of studies in playing, partying, computer games, online chatting and watching late night movies etc. Because of this students miserably lag behind in studies and when exam approaches they are under sever anxiety and pressure. They want to cover-up the entire syllabus in a few days. This necessitates late night studies and sitting for long hours at each one sitting and that throws them physically and mentally sick. Those who can’t keep late in nights in their natural process, resort to mood elevator drugs that is much more dangerous.

In order to avoid exam time fatigue, students must be trained to follow a strict time table right from day one of the class session and study. This must be strictly followed. This shall eliminate need for over exertion during exam time. Also by leading a well disciplined life one shall enjoy sound mental and physical health.

To conclude with, students must be trained to follow a strict schedule right from beginning of the school session till the examination time and do studies on regular basis. This shall eliminate chances of students getting unduly tensed and overworked or fatigued during examination times.

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Some people think that the automobile has improved modern life. Others think that the automobile has caused serious problems. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


The invention and proliferation of the automobile has improved the human lives considerably. In modern days, complete transportation of men and material is carried out with the help of automobiles. Automobiles in the modern era, for us are not luxury, but a necessity rather. We think nothing while jumping in the car and driving many a miles on a trip or for our jobs. But looking to the future, researchers are constantly trying to find better ways of transporting with more fuel efficient and environment friendly vehicles redesigning the engines and appearance.

For going to school or college, attending office or business, shopping or socializing and numerous daily activities we are dependent on automobiles. Automobiles we use in the shape of a car, scooter or motorbike depending upon our need, nature of work and affordability. While the life has become very fast and time is extremely scarce we have to cope up with the work or the business and keep pace with time with the help of our automobile. Very large tankers transport oil and gas for the use of end users. All projects ranging from small or gigantic need cranes, trucks, lifters, elevators, excavators, dumpers, road rollers, tractors and what not. And all those are the development from automobiles.

No doubt automobiles do cause some air pollution in environment by way of exhaust of carbon-mono-oxide and carbon-di-oxide. However to overcome pollution problem oil companies as well as automobile manufacturers do a great deal of research and develop products that are environment friendly. We can neither discard automobiles nor can we imagine our life without automobiles.

In nutshell invention and proliferation of automobiles has improved the human lives. We can’t imagine of a life without automobiles today.

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When students are in large classes it is very hard for the teacher to give every student individual attention. What can educational authorities do about this?
It is quite obvious that when the students are in very large numbers in a class, the teacher can’t pay individual attention. I think as far as students are attentive in the class, teachers attention to individual hardly matters. Not all students in a class need personal attention, because they are smart and grasp the lessons quickly by themselves. However some of the students who are a little weak can surely get personal attention of the teachers.

Nevertheless for the teacher to be able to monitor progress of all students of a class, it is necessary that proper student teacher ratio is adhered to. Student-Teacher ratio refers to the number of teachers in a school or university with respect to the number of students who attend the school or university. For example, a student teacher ratio of 10:1 means that there are 10 students for every one teacher available. The term can also be reversed to be teacher-student ratio. If one classroom has a 30:1 ratio and the other has a 10:1 ratio, the school could claim to have a 20:1 ratio overall. But if the ratio is 50:1, the school needs to hire more teachers. In a way 40:1 is the ideal ratio where all students can get proper attention of the teacher.

Summarizing, this is the responsibility of the educational authorities to inspect schools and universities periodically to ensure a right student-teacher ratio and in the event of this ratio changing due to greater number of students, educational authorities must strictly advice schools to hire more teachers and maintain appropriate student – teacher ratio. This shall help all students get better attention of the teachers if not individual attention.

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Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.
I am strongly of the view that students must attend classes regularly without fail. The reason being, classes are conducted on a fixed schedule on regular basis. This induces the traits of regularity and punctuality among the students which is very important for good personality building.

Further more lectures for instruction in the classes on a particular subject matter and related topics are given by the most qualified and highly experienced professors who are specialized in that particular subject and the area. They give most valid information and teachings on the subject matter that is very precious. Thus the education imparted is fundamentally strong and that of an excellent quality. To get this high quality of education is impossible for a student staying in isolation and not attending the classes.

On the other hand during the student life, boys and girls have an extremely strong urge to play, enjoy and be merry even at the cost of studies. The situation when students are allowed not to attend classes would obviously result into basically unsound and poor quality of education. Students are the nation builders and lives of numerous people depend upon them as many may be turn out to be Physicians, Surgeons, Pilots etc. These professions call for fundamentally sound education and that of a very superior quality.

In conclusion, for an individual’s own self development, a disciplined life is most important. And attending classes regularly and punctually shall induce said discipline in the university students that is a paramount importance for a powerful personality hence attending classes must be compulsory for the university students and not optional.

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