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If you could make one important change in a school that you attended, what change would you make? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Single most important change that I would like to make in my school is that teaching of English shall start from day one of the Grade—1. In this essay I shall elaborate on my viewpoint.

I studied in a school in Rajasthan—India. There teaching of English Language would start only from seventh grade. Similar is the case with other states in India like Gujarat, Bihar, UP and MP etc. Because of this students would study English for a short spell of time; pass out Matriculation and start college education where although English would not be a compulsory subject but medium of instruction would be English. As a result of this, students face tremendous amount of difficulties in grasping the subjects and they can’t perform well in their final examinations.

Schools in the new age are becoming a larger and larger driving force in popular culture. Schools perform large tasks for current world events. It is only the school education that opens many avenues for earning, a good employment and handsome salary thereby one does not only earn for livelihood but also creates wealth. Also one can make his or her dreams of becoming Doctor, Engineer, Businessman, Actor, Scientist, Pilot and Astronaut come true. In this extremely fast era of computerization and advance technology quite high level of education is the need of the hour.

In nutshell, as a change, I shall ensure that English as a language is taught right from day one a student is enrolled in Grade: 1. that make students thorough and fluent in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing of English and students can successfully communicate in English and fare well in examinations with high score. –
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