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Modern life is very stressful. People have to manage their time and other resources very carefully. How can they look after themselves when they are so busy?

“Health is Wealth” is a proven fact best known to every one. If people work for wealth at the cost of their health, that is wrong. Health comes at first and wealth at second. No doubt the era is very fast and competition is tough in every field, and survival is for the fittest. In this scenario stress is inevitable, however one has to manage his or her stress in such a way that an individual’s efficiency and health is not affected, and one can manage his or her time and recourses effectively. In this essay we shall see some ways to manage stress.

Relaxation: Sit down at a comfortable place, close your eyes and suggest to your self, “I am calm. I feel relaxed. My hands are relaxed. My legs are relaxed. My torso is relaxed. My shoulders and neck are relaxed. My entire body is relaxed. I feel relaxed and calm. This process is called autosuggestion.

Visit nearest outing spot: Go to the harbor, the nearest beach, a lake, river bank or garden. Just sit there and feel it, smell it, hear it. You will feel relaxed.

Walking: Take a thirty minute walk. Try to relax while you walk. Don’t think of your current problems. Try to sense the smells, sounds, impressions and what you see and feel. You will feel relaxed.

Music: Listen to slow and light melodious music. You shall feel more relaxed.

Laughter: When you are stressed, laugh loudly in front of mirror. Remember “Laughter is the best medicine”.

Summarizing, one must find time to relax. If one relaxes as per above program he or she shall be able to manage available time and resources effectively without stress and look after own self.

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