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In recent times, Police & Security Forces have used considerable physical force against demonstrators for peace and environmental issues. To what extent do you believe such force is justified?

It is unjust behavior of police to use physical force or manhandle the demonstrators. I am absolutely against manhandling on the plea of maintaining law and order during demonstrations. This is a cruelty to fellowmen and it is inhuman.

In the democratic era when every citizen has the freedom of speech, question of beating-up any person or persons during demonstration is out of question. Demonstrators can be softly advised to maintain discipline and cooperate in traffic movement and not to resort to violent behavior and damage public or individual property.

Manhandling by police personnel can worsen the scenario and the protestors or demonstrators may turn angry and violent and may resort to arson and rioting that would further worsen the situation of peace and harmony & law and order.

Police personnel have their own attitudinal problem and have got into a habit of beating the people without knowing or taking trouble to assess the gravity of the situation and blindly resort to beating which is unfair.

During such man handling of public by police, it is not that only vandals are beaten up but the innocent young men women, old men & women, students, housewives, laborers, by-passers get victimized in police behavior for no fault of theirs. This is absolutely inhuman and can not be tolerated in democracy.

In a nutshell Police & Security personnel must be trained to deal with human beings with love and respect. However force has to be used only in extremely bad situations and not everywhere at random.

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