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Some universities require students to take classes in many subjects. Other universities require students to specialize in one subject. Which is better? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Universities have their pre decided curriculum. This is framed after a tremendous amount of study and research work. Many subjects are interwoven e.g. for an aspirant Engineer Mathematics, Drawing, Physics and Chemistry are essential to be studied thoroughly. Similarly for a student wanting to become a Doctor, Zoology with Physics, Chemistry and Botany are needed. It is only after the graduation in academic and professional field, on the level of post graduation and research that the person has a choice to specialize in one particular subject or the field.

Secondly it is pointless to study many subjects. Studying many subject calls for a lot of efforts and huge amount of time money and energy. It is always better to have pointed specialization instead of going breadth wise and ruin enormous energy and available resources.

Best example is that of doctors. Gynecologists never undertake surgery of ear, nose or throat. Similarly Orthopedics would not undertake cardiac surgery. Dentists would never undertake cancer treatment or knee replacement surgery for that matter.

No doubt a Mechanical Engineer specializes in Electrical or Electronics Engineering shall have an option and choice to either change over the discipline or diversify his business. In addition one can choose to teach those subjects in universities that fetch him or her additional income. Also one can write and papers for seminars, articles for news papers, magazines, technical journals etc. One can and even author and publish some books in the subjects that can fetch him or her handsome royalty amount.

To sup up, depending upon the conditions and need, one can choose either to master one subject or more.

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