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I was working in construction of a giant Oil Refinery. One Mr. Desai was my colleague. We were living in the same street but had not visited houses of each other for socializing. Mr. Desai and I had been pressing each other for home visits. One fine evening I made-up my mind and visited Mr. Desai’s house. I was very warmly welcomed and received a nice hospitality. He introduced me to his Father and Brother. I was not introduced to one female sitting in corner of the room. However I was amidst them for an hour. The curiosity to know about that female member was mounting higher and higher. At the end when I was to depart, Mr. Desai came downstairs to see me off. During this I asked Desai “If the female sitting in corner was his mother?” Desai replied “Mr. Joshi! She is my younger sister and she is mentally retarded”. I felt so embarrassed I can’t express in words. I apologized. The main cause of this embarrassment was my judgemental type of a question. Since then I learnt a lesson never to put judgemental type of questions.

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