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What is your favourite style of clothing? Describe it and explain why it is your favourite.

My favourite style of clothing is absolutely formal. Say pant, shirt, tie, suspenders, socks and shoes. I am very particular about my dress. I always wear sober and light colours in complete matching. I don’t like bright and deep colours in contrast. I don’t prefer heavy prints also. Dress has a direct impact on an individual’s moods, personality and behaviour. With the kind of dress I wear, I have experienced a good success in interviews of all types and successfully negotiating with top brass people. A well dressed person gives a powerful first impression that is paramount importance. First impression is a lasting impression. With a powerful first impression an individual wins more than half the battle. In a big organization if CEO is not appropriately dressed he or she may be mistook as a shop floor worker by the visitors. At the same time one may not get due respect from the regular employees too. In a nutshell I prefer to always dress well and achieve great success.

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Talk about a time when you experienced success. Describe the experience and say why it was a success for you.

I started studying for my Diploma in Electrical Engineering after a break of sixteen years. I was regularly attending evening classes after my day’s job in my company. This was all very tiring; above all the duration was four years. One of my colleagues was my classmate here. Both of us use to pool for transport and we use to study jointly at my home. Every semester up to third year we cleared. In the Fourth and Final Year both semesters we studied very hard. We use to solve ten sets of past examinations daily. In a way our preparation became so good that we could write the Final Year Examinations without any difficulty or delay. Upon deceleration of results I was flabbergasted with joy, fun, and excitement as I passed the examination with First Class and First Rank. I scored the highest marks in the batch and experienced a success. Because of this success I was promoted in the higher officer’s rank and hence I feel this to be a great success for me in my service career too.

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