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. Why do you think it is like that, and do you think they must be encouraged to do other things rather than shopping?
In recent times, the very fast changing fashion has had a great impact on the minds of the youth. Thereby youth indulge in shopping and spending time and money exorbitantly.

Doing lot of shopping and spending a lot of money has become a status symbol among younger generation. Money is spent after buying dresses, cosmetics, footwear and last but not least the latest technology and models of cell phones. They use it as a tool to impress, convince and please the girlfriend or boyfriend for romantic relationship and ventures.

After a lot of shopping by an individual, very shortly the fashion may change. This causes him or her to buy articles of latest fashion. The articles bought earlier turn out to be junk. This is a sheer waste of time, money and material. At the same time, the most recent Mall, Multiplex and Fast-Food culture causes the people to do spend enormously in shopping activity.

Here I remember a notable quote by Warren Buffet “If you buy things you do not need soon you will have to sell things that you need.

Now a day numerous companies have come up to buy second-hand articles and resell those on sky rocketing prices. Those companies are minting money. Those companies advertise rigorously and lure the people to sell things at throw-away prices.

In a nut shell, I very strongly feel that the youth must be educated and trained to involve into the activities like, games, sports, music, art, craft, and dancing etc. This would keep them busy in creative and productive activity rather than unproductive activity of shopping and wasting precious time and hard-earned money.

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