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Writing Task (Spend 20 minutes on this task)


You rent a house through an agency. The heating system has stopped working. You phoned the agency a week ago but it has still not been repaired.

Write a letter to the agency. Your letter: –


— introduces you.

— explains the situation.

— says what action you would like agency to take.


(Write at least 150 words, don’t write your address)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For Agency Manager


My Dear Sir / Madam,



I am ———- your client. As you are very well aware, I have taken this flat on rent through your agency. Last Monday suddenly the heating system stopped and a great inconvenience is felt in the house due to severe cold and low ambient temperatures. This was immediately made known to you over the telephone and you promised to get it restored fast.


All the way a period of one week has passed after that and the system has not been attended or restored that is very painful. I am quite upset about this state of affairs which please note.


I am encountering a great inconvenience due to extreme cold and very low temperatures in the absence of heating system which please appreciates.


Please get the heating system restored immediately. An immediate action of yours shall be highly appreciated.


I shall look forward for an immediate action from your side and thanking you in anticipations,


With best regards

Yours truly,




(166 words)

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You belong to a group which uses a hall near your home to meet once in a month. You have been using this hall for last three years. You have just heard that the rent will double next month. Your group can not possibly afford such a large increase.


April 14, 2009


Dear Sir / Madam,



We have been using your community hall for the purpose of monthly meetings of our senior citizen members. The purpose of the said meeting is to promote extra curricular activities and creative hobbies like music, drawing-painting, cookery and many other activities among senior citizens. This keeps them occupied and away from loneliness, anxiety and depression.


We have come to know that you are contemplating to increase its rent and double it up. You see Sir! Only Senior Citizens are the members of this group and you can very well appreciate that they are all merely Pensioners and receive a very thin amount of money every month and have no other source of income. Hence this rise in monthly rental of hall shall become absolutely unaffordable to them.


In the interest of the senior citizen community, I would request you to kindly consider this case sympathetically and do not raise the rent rather keep it unchanged.


Thank you,


Yours truly,




(165 Words)






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You recently visited a place that had a strong impact on you.


Write a letter to a friend about this place. In your letter: –

— Explain where the place was and how you got there

— Describe what you saw

— Offer to take your friend there


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Dear ____________



Recently I visited a place near Baroda named “Gorej Muni Ashram”.      This is a wonderful Health Care Centre; I was invited here to deliver a talk on “Ill Effects of Tobacco” and “Prevention of Oral Cancer.  This is a Social Service Institution run by a trust. This is located over a vast lush green area with huge gardens beautifully maintained. This extends various social services to the community. I am highly impressed by this noble institution that does an Excellent work towards Community Development.



They have a Cancer Hospital with latest technology. This provides very good medical service to the economically backward class of people at negligible cost. In addition there is an Orphanage and an Old Asylum too. This provides shelter and food to olds with a common mess where inmates can dine to-gather.


This institution also helps mentally retarded people. The doctors and nurses look-after them with a love and affection that is admirable. The dedicated work by this institution richly deserves loud ovation.


I would like to take you to this institution on my next visit on Monday. You being a medical student this will be a great experience.


With love




(197 Words)

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Write a request letter to the Accommodation Officer to provide you an independent room. Explain the difficulties faced by you in your present shared accommodation.


April 14, 2009


For: Accommodation Officer


Dear Sir,



Respectfully I wish to bring to your kind notice that I am dissatisfied with my present accommodation and request you to please provide me a change of accommodation in the next term.


My main problem is that my room mate has numerous visitors every day that is disturbing me. Besides, this continues till very late nights and many a times till next morning. Also my room mate borrows my study material without my knowledge as a result I can not find my study material when I need. Because of this I neither can study nor sleep and I am rendered sleepless and under rest hence I am unable to study. I am preparing for very important exams thus I can not bear with these situations any longer which please appreciate.


I therefore request you to very kindly allot me a single seated room in the next term and oblige. This change shall greatly facilitate my studies and I shall be helped.


Looking forward to hearing from you favorably and thanking you in anticipations.


Sincerely Yours




(178 Words)

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Write a letter to the Gas Company about a second bill (or reminder) you received when you had already paid the first.



Friday, July 20, 2007


For The Gas Co,


Dear Sir / Madam,



I am writing to you this letter in connection with your reminder and a bill for the month of June 07 that has been received by us for the second time. This is a clear duplicity and I am quite dissatisfied about this.


I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that payment of said bill has already been made by us vide cheque no: 54321 dated: 05th July 07 of Rich Bank Baroda. The money has also been debited from our bank account. We have also received a money receipt from your end bearing no: 321 on dated 10th July 07. Copy of the receipt is attached herewith for your information.


Please incorporate the necessary corrections in your records to avoid possibilities of such errors in future. Also please acknowledge the receipt of this letter.


I shall look forward to hearing from you soon,

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely




(158 Words)

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Your child wants to go on a school excursion to a town about 20 miles away. The children will sleep overnight at a youth hostel.


Write to the Principal of the school and ask for details. You are concerned about facilities at the youth hostel, how the children will be supervised, whether they will be required to bring their own bed linen.



Dear Sir / Madam,



I am writing to get detailed information about your excursion trip to mount Abu. My son Harris is also interested to join and I am concerned about the exact program and the facilities at the place of children’s night halt.


What is exact time and place of departure? What is tentative time of reaching the place of excursion? How are the boarding and lodging arrangements? As I understand you have made arrangements for children’s night halt at the youth hostel. In this regard kindly clarify as to whether Harris has to carry his own bed linen? Secondly are mosquito nets available? Also let me know if any direct payments are involved to be made by the students to any agencies. You may also suggest as to how much money he should carry with him?


Please let me know the tentative time of your return from place of excursion and approximate time of reaching here. Accordingly I shall make it to pick him up from a common place.


Soliciting a fast reply,

Thanking you,

Yours truly,





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Last week you went to a musical concert. You were very impressed with the performance.


Write a letter to a friend about concert. In your letter: –

– Say what the concert was and why you went.

– Describe the performer.

– Suggest why he/she should go to the concert.



Dear _______________



Let me tell you about the musical concert of Michael Jackson that I attended last week in Bangalore. I was in Bangalore on an official tour and one of my colleagues offered me a ticket to accompany him hence I attended the concert.


Michael Jackson with other artists and the orchestra team performed and the performance was just fabulous and I enjoyed a lot. Besides the hall was just a great hall, beautifully air-conditioned with marvelous lighting arrangement and very comfortable seating arrangement. All artists were gorgeously dressed that gave a magnificent look. Most songs and tunes were Rock-n-roll and Pop.


I recommend that you must attend this concert without fail because you are a Harmonica player and very fond of fast western music and Pop music. You shall enjoy this concert. The said concert is available till Saturday. May be you may pick up some more songs and tunes to be played on your harmonica.


With love and affection




(163 Words)

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