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Name a famous or influential figure who has inspired you. Describe this person and say why he/she has been inspirational to you.

I am greatly influenced and inspired by a noted film actor of India Mr., Amitabh Bachchan a legendary actor. He is one of the most prominent and influential figures in the Indian film industry. He received many major awards in his career, including three National Film Awards. His art of communication is marvellous.

He has numerous wonderful qualities. Firstly he leads a highly disciplined life and his self confidence is sky rocketing. He is admired for his punctuality. He has never been late on shooting rather he has always been ahead of schedule because of his wonderful time management ability. Though Amitabh suffers from Asthma, he never ever allowed this sickness to come in his way to perform and achieve goals. Instances are there when he continued to work even with high fever. He is now 70 and he still continues to work with very high enthusiasm; zeal and efficiency. This inspires me to be persistent regardless of hurdles and adversities.

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What is your favourite style of clothing? Describe it and explain why it is your favourite.

My favourite style of clothing is absolutely formal. Say pant, shirt, tie, suspenders, socks and shoes. I am very particular about my dress. I always wear sober and light colours in complete matching. I don’t like bright and deep colours in contrast. I don’t prefer heavy prints also. Dress has a direct impact on an individual’s moods, personality and behaviour. With the kind of dress I wear, I have experienced a good success in interviews of all types and successfully negotiating with top brass people. A well dressed person gives a powerful first impression that is paramount importance. First impression is a lasting impression. With a powerful first impression an individual wins more than half the battle. In a big organization if CEO is not appropriately dressed he or she may be mistook as a shop floor worker by the visitors. At the same time one may not get due respect from the regular employees too. In a nutshell I prefer to always dress well and achieve great success.

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I was working in construction of a giant Oil Refinery. One Mr. Desai was my colleague. We were living in the same street but had not visited houses of each other for socializing. Mr. Desai and I had been pressing each other for home visits. One fine evening I made-up my mind and visited Mr. Desai’s house. I was very warmly welcomed and received a nice hospitality. He introduced me to his Father and Brother. I was not introduced to one female sitting in corner of the room. However I was amidst them for an hour. The curiosity to know about that female member was mounting higher and higher. At the end when I was to depart, Mr. Desai came downstairs to see me off. During this I asked Desai “If the female sitting in corner was his mother?” Desai replied “Mr. Joshi! She is my younger sister and she is mentally retarded”. I felt so embarrassed I can’t express in words. I apologized. The main cause of this embarrassment was my judgemental type of a question. Since then I learnt a lesson never to put judgemental type of questions.

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“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

It will be wrong to say that a zoo has no useful purpose. I shall elaborate on the purpose and usefulness of Zoos.

A zoo is also known as zoological garden or a zoological park. This is a facility in which animals are kept within enclosures and displayed to the public, and in those enclosures animals breed too. The term zoological garden refers to the biological discipline zoology, which derives from Greek. Most modern zoos display wild animals primarily for the conservation of endangered species and for educational and research purposes, and secondarily for the entertainment of visitors.

However many animal rights activists disapprove of zoos because they interpret zoos as human domination over animals and criticize their educational value as being superficial. Some animal welfare groups however do not reject the existence of zoos, but seek to remedy the unnatural and unhealthy conditions wherein captive animals’ live, particularly the problem of small cages and lack of environmental enrichment. Some zoos are unable to provide adequate food and care to their animals’ because of lack of funds. However many of the large and scientifically oriented institutions work to improve the animal enclosures, although constraints like size and expense makes it difficult to create ideal captive environments for some species.

Some zoos concentrate on aquariums and amusement parks. Aquariums are made for the water species like various kinds of fishes. Those fishes have variety of very attractive colors and designs that attracts everyone, especially children like it the most and feel delighted.

In conclusion the biggest usefulness of a zoo is the conservation of endangered species, secondly the breeding that prevents the extinction, thirdly the education and research work and last but least amusement and entertainment of the visitors and tourists that brings revenue to the nation.

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