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Name a place in your country you would recommend others to visit. Describe this place and explain why you would recommend it.

My country side village Chandod is on the bank of holy river Narmada. This is a very religious place and people from all over India including many NRI also come here and take holy dip in Narmada river. The visitors shall have a privilege to visit the famous temples with ancient sculpture and have a holy dip in the river Narmada. Also the visitors shall have an opportunity to taste Indian village food that has a unique taste. Visitors may have a chance to have a bullock-cart ride and move through the cultivated farms and watch scenery. The kind of hospitality the visitors shall get in this village would be second to none in the world and he or she would be delighted to receive such a warm welcome. Hence I would recommend Chandod for a visit by foreign nationals.

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Which person are you most likely to go to with a personal problem? Describe this person and say why you would go to him/her in particular.

Mostly I like to share my personal problems with my wife. She is quite a sober and matured person. She possesses Masters Degree in Human Psychology and can handle any difficult situation very easily. She is very caring and loving. She specializes in Child Psychology and Behaviour too. It is by now 33 years since we got married. In the past many of my problems related to finance, health, social relations, business etc, she has always guided and helped me overcome those. Because of these qualities in my wife I would particularly like to go to her in the event of any problem. Needless to say discussing personal problems with strangers can be disastrous.

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When have you been happily surprised by something? Describe the experience and say why the surprise was a happy one for you.

I was happily surprised when I received my appointment order from reputed oil PSU. Prior to this, I had been for working for construction of an oil refinery. I was hired as a temporary workman on a meek daily wage of Rs.10.50 per day. Meanwhile I applied against the permanent post of Senior Electrician in other oil PSU and I was interviewed there. One fine afternoon, during a lunch break, the doorbell rang. I was pleasantly surprised to see postman waiting to deliver an envelope. He delivered me a letter from that oil PSU. I quickly opened the cover and read the letter. Wow! This was my appointment letter for permanent post of Senior Electrician in that PSU. I was happily surprised and flabbergasted with joy, fun and excitements to win this lucrative job. Because the remuneration, fringe benefits, scope of carrier and the job security were high, this surprise was a happy one for me…

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Which place has fond memories for you? Describe this place and explain why it is memorable to you.

A country side village Bijainagar in District Ajmer, Rajasthan, India is my birth place and has my fond memories. I did my schooling here, so all the fun and merrymaking that I had with my classmates and friends are the memories that I cherish. In and around Bijainagar there used to be number of Religious Fairs. I with my friends, invariably use to attend those fairs popularly called “Mela” in Marwari and Hindi. There use to be various entertainments like magic shows, acrobatics shows, merry-go-round etc together with ice cream and cold drinks and some fast food stalls. We use to have lot of fun and amusement there. In Bijainagar mode of transport was only bicycle, bullock carts and camel carts. I had been using bicycle for attending school. We use to go on picnic and excursion trips to nearby places and use to enjoy ride in bullock carts, camel carts. Also sometimes I had chance for horse ride, camel ride and elephant ride. Now in this fast age era of computerization whatever I enjoyed is nothing more than a dream. Hence I fondly cherish memories of my good old days of Bijainagar.

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Talk about a positive experience with learning or using English. Describe the experience and say why it was a positive one.

I have a profound passion for English Language. Hence I acquired a good knowledge, fluency and command over reading, writing and speaking English. I enjoy learning more and more new words and expand my vocabulary. The positive aspect of my knowledge of English is that I have always been chosen for very important assignments of negotiating with Ministers and Collectors of various States. This has been highly motivating and giving me deep sense of satisfaction accomplishment. Besides I always have the opportunity of dealing with foreign experts and nationals regarding work of my company. Also I have been getting assignments of Training and Development. The positive aspect of my knowledge of English is that since I have been fulfilling these assignments successfully I have been rewarded by way of Promotions and Salary Increments. Today I run private coaching classes for IELTS, TOEFL and Spoken English and various organizations call me for imparting Training to their staff and officers.

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I was working in construction of a giant Oil Refinery. One Mr. Desai was my colleague. We were living in the same street but had not visited houses of each other for socializing. Mr. Desai and I had been pressing each other for home visits. One fine evening I made-up my mind and visited Mr. Desai’s house. I was very warmly welcomed and received a nice hospitality. He introduced me to his Father and Brother. I was not introduced to one female sitting in corner of the room. However I was amidst them for an hour. The curiosity to know about that female member was mounting higher and higher. At the end when I was to depart, Mr. Desai came downstairs to see me off. During this I asked Desai “If the female sitting in corner was his mother?” Desai replied “Mr. Joshi! She is my younger sister and she is mentally retarded”. I felt so embarrassed I can’t express in words. I apologized. The main cause of this embarrassment was my judgemental type of a question. Since then I learnt a lesson never to put judgemental type of questions.

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My favourite book is “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking” By Dale Carnegie. This book teaches most modern techniques for dynamic communication and influencing people in business. What to say, how to say, and most importantly what not to say. Although we all communicate still misunderstanding and conflicts do prevail. By reading this book one can communicate effectively and with minimum or no misunderstandings or conflicts. It teaches communication on work and business front and also on family and social front. One learns to communicate effectively without misunderstandings and conflicts. In addition this book enlightens the subject of self confidence which plays a vital role in day to day communication, communication in interviews, one to one communication, and mass communication, communication with press and media and public address. In nutshell this book covers almost all aspects of communication in depth. Communication is my passion hence this book is my most favourite book.

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Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

I prefer working for a large company because of its various advantages over a small company. In this essay I shall elaborate those advantages.

By working in large companies one gets greater exposure and more valuable experience compared to small. Because the larger scope of work the opportunities are plenty for gaining work experience. Secondly large companies give handsome salary and lucrative perquisites. In addition to many other facilities like full medical reimbursements for employee and his or her dependents, petrol allowances, home loan and education loan to its employees. Employee’s chances for promotions are bright. In addition big companies give many fringe benefits like Leave encashment, Leave Travel Concession for home town and other than home town also.

So far as medical facilities are concerned, they are available not only for employee but for the direct dependents too. Also full medical coverage is given by some big companies for the life time of employee and his or her direct dependents even after the retirement of the employee. This is the biggest benefit.

On the other hand, large companies often offer employee stock option plans which, if managed correctly, employee can make handsome wealth in addition to yearly bonus. Big companies have advantages over small companies. Intangible gains to employees are great.

Last but not least, job security in big companies is better compared to smaller ones. Small companies, have fewer advantages in comparison to large companies. Nevertheless to begin with one may start the career from smaller companies for the purpose of acquiring experience. Thereafter he or she may switch over to larger company after acquiring adequate experience. This brightens ones future career.

In nutshell, working in larger companies is far more beneficial compared to working in smaller companies.

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