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Pollution Free Vehicles

With the rise in population, number of automobile vehicles has increased considerably. In India particularly, the population count is highly alarming at 1.22 Billion. (122 Crore). The life has become very fast and vehicle is a dire necessity for all of us. None can imagine a life without a vehicle.

The main Prime mover in vehicles is the petroleum products like Petrol and Diesel. The motor vehicles work on the principle of Internal Combustion. Hence the exhaust emits gases like carbon-di-oxide and carbon mono oxide. Carbon Mono Oxide is a poisonous gas that is injurious to human and animal health. Excessive vehicles will discharge excessive polluting gases in the air thereby causing environmental pollution. At the same time the enormously hot engines of automobiles emit heat in the air thereby adding up in Global Warming.

On the other hand, Oil prices keep on increasing day and on. Inflation is sky rocketing. Affordability becomes constraint with many automobiles owners. Hence they mix comparatively cheaper products like Kerosene with the petrol and run the automobiles either for winning bread or for business purpose. This gives out tremendous amount of very harmful smoke in the air. Also many two-wheeler owners, who have petro-oil engines, put excessive oil or other pollutants thereby spoiling the environment by way of severe pollution.

In order to control pollution we can adopt the following measures: –
1. Minimise the use of vehicles.
2. Switch off the engines while facing a red-light.
3. Use only recommended fuel.
4. Use only recommended lubricants in correct volumes.
5. Check vehicle for PUC (Pollution under Control) at designated gas stations.
6. Ensure regular periodic maintenance of vehicles.
7. Ensure recommended tyre pressure.
8. Vehicle pooling for common destination.

In recent past some companies have manufactured battery operated two wheelers. This operates for limited distances with limited load. If population with such needs use this type of vehicle shall be a great contribution toward reducing pollution and global warming.

Summing-up, Pollution Free Vehicle is the need of the hour in this global environmental crisis.

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Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such as forests, animals, or clean water. Choose one resource that is disappearing and explain why it needs to be saved. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

One of the fastest depleting resources is the oil and gas. As the population is increasing continuously, basic needs for fresh water, food, housing and fuel make unprecedented demands on our global and local ecosystems. Additionally there is great demand for more material goods and services. As we strive to increase material wealth, comforts and conveniences, the pressure on biodiversity and natural resources tremendously increase. Overpopulation calls for enormous housing constructions this causes trees falling and jungle cutting thereby causing imbalance of ecology resulting into loss of animal life. In addition, more vehicles are needed that cause environment pollution. And heat emission by automobiles adds to Global Warming.

Because of numerous automobiles and their use, one of the fastest depleting resources is the oil and gas. This is a non-renewable resource that cannot be re-made, re-grown or regenerated in proportion to its consumption. The rate of consumption of oil and gas is much higher than its rate of reformation by nature.

Greater demand of housing and industrialization causes deforestation having an adverse effect on ecology and animal life. The needs for water and power have also skyrocketed. Loss of cattle results into shortage of milk and dairy products. Many farmers employ bullocks in carts and also for cultivating fields. Furthermore horses, donkeys, camels and elephants are employed for transport, running of carriages, lifting and shifting of heavy loads. Similarly sheep is used for production of wool. Chickens and eggs are used as food for humans. Therefore it is important to protect species and live in harmony.

Summarizing, the fastest depleting resource of oil and gas that take millions of years to re-form naturally and cannot be replaced as fast as it is consumed, it is vital to conserve and protect this resource from extinction.

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