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Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

I prefer working for a large company because of its various advantages over a small company. In this essay I shall elaborate those advantages.

By working in large companies one gets greater exposure and more valuable experience compared to small. Because the larger scope of work the opportunities are plenty for gaining work experience. Secondly large companies give handsome salary and lucrative perquisites. In addition to many other facilities like full medical reimbursements for employee and his or her dependents, petrol allowances, home loan and education loan to its employees. Employee’s chances for promotions are bright. In addition big companies give many fringe benefits like Leave encashment, Leave Travel Concession for home town and other than home town also.

So far as medical facilities are concerned, they are available not only for employee but for the direct dependents too. Also full medical coverage is given by some big companies for the life time of employee and his or her direct dependents even after the retirement of the employee. This is the biggest benefit.

On the other hand, large companies often offer employee stock option plans which, if managed correctly, employee can make handsome wealth in addition to yearly bonus. Big companies have advantages over small companies. Intangible gains to employees are great.

Last but not least, job security in big companies is better compared to smaller ones. Small companies, have fewer advantages in comparison to large companies. Nevertheless to begin with one may start the career from smaller companies for the purpose of acquiring experience. Thereafter he or she may switch over to larger company after acquiring adequate experience. This brightens ones future career.

In nutshell, working in larger companies is far more beneficial compared to working in smaller companies.

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