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When have you been happily surprised by something? Describe the experience and say why the surprise was a happy one for you.

I was happily surprised when I received my appointment order from reputed oil PSU. Prior to this, I had been for working for construction of an oil refinery. I was hired as a temporary workman on a meek daily wage of Rs.10.50 per day. Meanwhile I applied against the permanent post of Senior Electrician in other oil PSU and I was interviewed there. One fine afternoon, during a lunch break, the doorbell rang. I was pleasantly surprised to see postman waiting to deliver an envelope. He delivered me a letter from that oil PSU. I quickly opened the cover and read the letter. Wow! This was my appointment letter for permanent post of Senior Electrician in that PSU. I was happily surprised and flabbergasted with joy, fun and excitements to win this lucrative job. Because the remuneration, fringe benefits, scope of carrier and the job security were high, this surprise was a happy one for me…

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Is it more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

I opine, one must be able to work with the group with a good team spirit. Working in isolation is not good.

A person who works in isolation becomes introvert and would not develop or learn new ways and means of working. A person of this type cannot work in a large corporation employing many thousand employees.

Teamwork is the concept of people working together cooperatively, as in a sports team.
Projects require that people work together, so teamwork has become an important concept everywhere. Effective teams are an intermediary goal towards getting good, sustainable results. The essentials of team work are: –

• Listen to other people’s ideas. When people are allowed to freely express their ideas, these initial ideas will produce other ideas.
• Ask questions, interact, and discuss the objectives of the team.
• Treat others with respect and to support their ideas.
• Help one’s coworkers, which is the general theme of teamwork.
• Share with the team to create an environment of teamwork
• All members of the team are encouraged to participate in the team.
• For a team to work effectively it is essential team members acquire communication skills and use effective communication channels between one another e.g. using email, verbal communication, group meetings and so on. This will enable team members or the group to work together and achieve the team’s purpose and common goals.

In conclusion team workers are good listeners and diplomats, talented at smoothing over conflicts and helping parties understand each other without becoming confrontational and they are most successful in the present era. Hence it is most important to be able to work in a group instead of working independently in isolation.

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