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Famine (School level English essay)



A famine may be defined the act of “The God”, a Force majeure whereby an acute shortage of food for the people and animal life occurs. Famine occurs either due to acute shortage of rains or massive rain falls. Shortage of the rain causes non-growth of crops and the latter may cause floods and the harvest is washed out. One more cause of famine is ravage of locusts on the crops. Locusts eat away the entire crops and hence the famine.

Water is most essential for the agriculture and farming. In the absence of required rains, the soil remains dry and hot hence no crop can grow thereby causing famine.

The greatest famines that occurred in India took place in Bengal in the year 1770 and 1947 and Odisha in the year 1869. During these famines numerous human lives were lost due to starvation. Due to famine and hunger, the men and women lose humanity and turn brutal and merciless

Unlike olden days, now a days the relief has been possible due proliferation of automobiles. This makes the transport easy. Also many charitable institutions, NGOs and government come forward for the help and rescue.  The rescue operations and food supply operations are carried out with the help of Army, Police by using helicopters.

In summary, during the famine not only human lives are lost but the animal life like cows, bullocks, horses, donkeys, camels and other wild life animals too suffer starvation and die.  A famine is a “force majeure” and the act of the God.


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Floods (Essay for School L eval)




Excessive supplies of water from natural source say rains result into flood. This excess volume of water goes into rivers and hence river bed swells and water overflows all over. This overflow of water is called “Flood”.

Water thus enters farms, villages, towns and cities. This situation is called “Flood Situation.” When water floods over the farms the crops are badly damaged or ruined.  When crops are ruined the food supply is affected and the situation of a “Famine” occurs.

When water gushes into villages, towns and cities with a violent current, it results into collapse of houses, buildings and many other establishments. Numerous human and animal lives may be lost by floods.   

Floods give rise to tremendous pollution. The dead animals and human bodies get decomposed and spread foul smell everywhere. This atmosphere pollution results into spread of several diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis and hepatitis A and Vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, and West Nile Fever. After the floods the government has a herculean task of cleaning affected areas and rehabilitation of the occupants of such areas.


Floods normally have the worst effect on the villages and localities near the river banks and coastal areas. Hence government with the help of Army, Police and Air service try and evacuate population from such areas and shift people to safe areas.


In nutshell flood is a natural calamity that is disastrous. We can’t prevent the floods but we can surely minimise them by our efforts towards (1) Saving Jungles (2) Avoiding making catchment areas in colonies (3) Proper waste disposal and (4) Growing more and more trees and creating green belts.   


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University Education — (Sample Essay for IELTS and TOEImage

University Education — (Sample Essay for IELTS and TOEFL aspirants )

Universities should be concerned with educating people so that they have wide general knowledge and be able to consider important matters from an informed viewpoint, and not simply prepare students for jobs required by society.
To what extent you agree or disagree?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
(Write at least 250 Words)
I fully agree to the viewpoint that Universities should be concerned with educating people so that they have wide general knowledge and be able to consider important matters from an informed viewpoint, and not simply prepare students for jobs required by society. We must remember that a student of today is the leader of tomorrow.

“Life is a continuous learning process” and a university is an institution for the purpose of imparting highest quality of education for the progress and development of the student. This would lead the community to progress, development and prosperity.

Human society requires universities – they are an essential part of our civilization, our educational provision, our search for new knowledge and our civic life. Universities teach subjects in great depth and detail. Teaching is done by individuals whose knowledge and insight may be the best in the world. However to study is the responsibility of the student. The lecturers are there to guide and assist but not to direct. At its best, it is about the passing on of general knowledge and information and the training of a mind to think in a different way. The skills that are obtained will not only enable the student to perform a high-level job well but also enable him or her to consider important matters from an informed viewpoint differently than the mass. The acquisition and analysis of data, the construction of a lucid and robust argument, mechanisms for defending that argument and how to communicate it effectively, increases student’s confidence in his or her own intellectual capabilities. 

For many students, their courses at university are giving them technical skills which will be essential for their chosen career – engineers, doctors, nurses, computer programmers, scientists, lawyers. These insights will help develop a desired career. 

In nutshell, universities should educate people so that they have quite a wide general knowledge and information so that they are able to consider important matters from a well informed viewpoint. Not to forget that “Students of today are the nation builders of tomorrow,” University education should not be simply subjective; it must be objective. 

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Computers are essential feature of modern education. Some believe that certain subjects such as mathematics are better taught using computers. Others however think that there are aspects of education in which computer use is inadequate.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.


I fully agree that computers are one of the most essential features in modern education. Mathematics can surely be better taught by computers because of various functions like formulae, auto sum and many more.

In early days calculations were performed manually in which chances of human error are high. Thereafter Logarithmic Tables were introduced. No doubt Log table calculations were relatively faster than manual however chances of human error can’t be ruled out.  After Log Tables, came the slide-rules in the subject of math. After the slide-rules came the electronic calculators.   In slide-rules and calculators the calculations used to be very fast and chances of human error were less. Finally now computers have been introduced in the education. Subject of Mathematics is best taught with the help of computers. However with the help of computers, descriptive subjects like History, Geography, Civics, Social Studies, can also be well taught as it is capable of giving past and history and present developments.

Students come across computers both at home and at school. Governments worldwide have introduced computers and internet connections in classrooms. Most people welcome computers that have improved the ways we work and we play. Technology is advancing at a speed that is far beyond our imagination. Now computers are an essential feature not only in education alone but in our daily lives too.

No doubt use of computers involves initial computer literacy that is not very difficult to pick-up. Also Learning and teaching is a human process involving human touch and communication and in this process, emotions play a vital role in a student’s learning and motivating process and these are absent in a computer. Computer although may be inadequate on emotional aspect but it is the best companion.

In conclusion I fully agree that computers are one of the most essential features in modern education.

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In today’s society, both Western medicine and traditional complementary forms of medicines’ are now widely known and used. The effectiveness of these kinds of treatment is determined by the patient’s mental attitude towards it.

To what extent you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

Write a least 250 words.


I strongly agree that effectiveness of any treatment depends upon the mental attitude of the patient. Where there is will there is way. If the patient is willing to become alright, one would cooperate with the doctors, follow the doctor’s orders and take medicines regularly. Hence recovery will be fast and effective. In this essay I shall elaborate on my view point and some forms of medical treatments.

 The Homeopathic deals with administration of small quantities of mild medicines in the form of small white and sweet granules. This type of treatment cures the diseases permanently; however treatment takes little longer while. The patient should have patience to be OK. There are no side effects in this treatment.

Herbal (Ayurvedic): The treatment comprises of powders, tablets, medicated oils etc. prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals. This is one of the oldest types of treatment and has no side effects. This type of treatment is faster compared to Homeopathic.

In recent past, an Indian Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdeo suggested a herb Giloy (Tinospora cord folia). This prevents and cures more than 25 diseases. This herb gained maximum popularity word over after it worked miracles on “Swine Flu”.  Similarly Aloe-Vera is found to be most useful for skin troubles and healthy skin keep-up and maintenance.

Finally Western Type, known as Allopathic type of treatment is the most popular and widely accepted these days. The medicines are made of different proportions of chemicals and drugs those can be administered orally or injected directly into the muscles, veins and arteries with the help of a suitable syringe. Surgery is also performed wherever needed. The treatment
is popular and fast.

Summarizing, important for recovery is the positive mental attitudes, regardless of the form of treatment.

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Essay on Baby Girl.

These days gender imbalance is becoming a grave problem especially in India. Girls are either aborted from mother’s womb or killed after birth. This gives rise to crimes like rape and killing. Write an essay emphasizing importance of women in the society.

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In ancient time birth of a girl child was considered as auspicious. As per an Indian proverb, “A home without a daughter is like a body without soul”. The birth of a daughter in the house was compared with the advent of Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. No ceremony was considered to be complete in absence of women. The belief was that “No home is complete without a woman.”

Indian is a “Male Dominated Society” hence women are the receiving end. They are always will treated and ill-treated at every step. As a matter of fact, a girl child is under constant, vigil initially by the parents, then her husband and finally her own children. She is never allowed to dwell and survive freely. Worst of all she is often killed before being born while in mother’s womb itself. This is foetus killing or infanticide. This is the gross downfall of humanity, morality and the values.

The situation has drastically worsened these days. Women suffer badly, infanticide have become widespread. Parents don’t send daughters for schooling thinking that the daughter is going to be a kitchen confined housewife. There was, hence, decline in female literacy and her position in the society. This practice is lasting till today and the killing of foetus after the sex determination is fearlessly continued.

The crime of female foetus aborting is widespread not only in rural areas but in urban areas too.  With the help of new techniques it has become possible to determine the sex of the unborn baby or the foetus, and if it is found to be a girl child than, this is followed by abortion. Clinics offering such service have come up all over the country. For the doctors with sex identification equipments the said illegal business is booming beyond imagination. Although there are severing laws against the misuse of parental diagnostic techniques, those are meant only for detecting abnormalities in the unborn infant and associated risks to the pregnant mother if any. The doctors, however, violate this law. Not a single case has been field so far under the law, which forbids such an unethical practice.

Dowry is another big evil in some northern states of India. Father of the girl has to give lot of cash and gold to the bridegroom. This may be given either during the wedding or after the marriage ceremony. In case the father of the bride fails to spare the said valuables on account of his poor economic health, the bride (the daughter) is severely tortured or she may even be torched to death.  Today, the said problem is quite widespread in the northern states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Upon attaining puberty, a girl is considered to be a security risk, a likely source of trouble for the family’s honour and reputation. Then there are economic reasons for her killing. She is a liability for her parents from the cradle ceremony to the marriage. There has been not let up in the dowry system, which breaks the back of the parents. She is got rid of in order to save the family properly from partition. In some communities there is a dirty superstition that is a daughter is killed, the next child will be a son. In China also, the eldest male child inherits the property look upon the male child as their protector and supporter in old age. This gender-bias leads to the killing of girl child.

At least, I cannot imagine my existence in this world had there been no girl. I would not have come to this beautiful world and enjoyed my life had there been no girl. I am born because of a woman. I am married to a woman. The woman is my mother, my sister and my wife.

The human society is like a cart. The God has created man and woman as the two wheels of this society cart. Those two wheels are made for each other. For the human race to exist and survive, both of the wheels must be functional else the society collapses.

In nutshell all must be kind to women with high degree of love and respect to them. There is no life without a wife and there can’t be a wife in absence of girl. Considering all the facts above, save the girl child in the interest of humanity. Saving baby girls shall minimise crime and build a powerful nation.

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According to recent study, the more time people use the Internet, the less time they spend with real human beings. Should we worry about the effect this is having on social interaction or should we see the Internet as a way opening up new communication possibilities worldwide?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. (You should write at least 250 words)



I strongly view the Internet as a means of opening up new communication possibilities worldwide. In this essay I shall elaborately explain my view point.


Internet is a type of Media. It is a means of unit as well as mass communication. It is a mode of information and entertainment too. Other types of media are broadly, News Papers, Magazines, Radio and Television. Internet, News Papers and TV are the most popular media these days. TV had replaced Radio & listening to radio has become obsolete now.


In the recent days, Internet has gained maximum popularity. This is capable of giving information on any subject, product, and service, utility including past history and news.

Because of wide spread computerization these days, this has become popular. Especially students and younger generation use it the most.


Majority of population use Internet for news and entertainment. One gets latest information and can keep pace with the time. Needless to say “Information Is Power”.


Internet also helps promoting business through advertisements of variety of latest products & services. Besides there are many exclusive business portals on websites that give minute-by-minute information on Stock Markets & the Business World.


Educational, Training and Developmental programs are also available on websites. These are pretty beneficial for the community and especially students. In addition many awareness programs on Health & Environment play very important role in our lives.


Indeed in the Internet communication, personal touch has reduced to a very great extent. However taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of internet, the advantages are many and disadvantages are very few.


In summary, the Internet is a means of opening up new communication possibilities worldwide.      


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