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Talk about a positive experience with learning or using English. Describe the experience and say why it was a positive one.

I have a profound passion for English Language. Hence I acquired a good knowledge, fluency and command over reading, writing and speaking English. I enjoy learning more and more new words and expand my vocabulary. The positive aspect of my knowledge of English is that I have always been chosen for very important assignments of negotiating with Ministers and Collectors of various States. This has been highly motivating and giving me deep sense of satisfaction accomplishment. Besides I always have the opportunity of dealing with foreign experts and nationals regarding work of my company. Also I have been getting assignments of Training and Development. The positive aspect of my knowledge of English is that since I have been fulfilling these assignments successfully I have been rewarded by way of Promotions and Salary Increments. Today I run private coaching classes for IELTS, TOEFL and Spoken English and various organizations call me for imparting Training to their staff and officers.

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