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What is your favourite kind of food? Describe it and explain why it is your favourite.

I prefer homemade Indian Vegan Food. Vegetarian food comprising of green vegetables, salads, wheat and rice preparations contain all vitamins, carbohydrates etc needed for good health. I do like milk, curds, buttermilk and butter this white food gives enough calcium and some amount of fats. In difficult situations I may buy bread or bun and take it with butter, jam and milk. Those who want to lose weight can opt for toned milk. In addition pulses are a part of my dinner and lunch that give plenty of proteins. Foods made from animal products are too high in fats and result into obesity and overweight hence I avoid it. Nevertheless for a change I do take non-vegetarian food. Most importantly homemade food is a kind of custom made food that can be cooked according to individual’s taste and requirements under most hygienic conditions. Hence I prefer homemade vegan food for my regular diet.

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