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Where is your favourite place to study? Describe this place and say why it is a good place for you to study.
My study room is my favourite place for study. This room is on first floor and it is very well ventilated. I get plenty of daylight, and air here. I have my laptop with internet broadband and a telephone in this room. This is very convenient for my studies. In addition my study room is fully furnished and air-conditioned hence comfortable in all seasons. Sales persons and visitors who come to meet my other family members don’t disturb me. When tired, I can relax in my easy chair for a while and resume my studies. Also I can be master of my time barring lunch and supper session. Over the telephone I talk and discuss difficulties with my classmates pertaining to homework and other projects. Sometimes I even call my classmates for joint study sessions prior to tests and examinations. All these things make my study room an ideal place for my studies and this is my most favourite place for studies.

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