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In today’s society, both Western medicine and traditional complementary forms of medicines’ are now widely known and used. The effectiveness of these kinds of treatment is determined by the patient’s mental attitude towards it.

To what extent you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

Write a least 250 words.


I strongly agree that effectiveness of any treatment depends upon the mental attitude of the patient. Where there is will there is way. If the patient is willing to become alright, one would cooperate with the doctors, follow the doctor’s orders and take medicines regularly. Hence recovery will be fast and effective. In this essay I shall elaborate on my view point and some forms of medical treatments.

 The Homeopathic deals with administration of small quantities of mild medicines in the form of small white and sweet granules. This type of treatment cures the diseases permanently; however treatment takes little longer while. The patient should have patience to be OK. There are no side effects in this treatment.

Herbal (Ayurvedic): The treatment comprises of powders, tablets, medicated oils etc. prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals. This is one of the oldest types of treatment and has no side effects. This type of treatment is faster compared to Homeopathic.

In recent past, an Indian Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdeo suggested a herb Giloy (Tinospora cord folia). This prevents and cures more than 25 diseases. This herb gained maximum popularity word over after it worked miracles on “Swine Flu”.  Similarly Aloe-Vera is found to be most useful for skin troubles and healthy skin keep-up and maintenance.

Finally Western Type, known as Allopathic type of treatment is the most popular and widely accepted these days. The medicines are made of different proportions of chemicals and drugs those can be administered orally or injected directly into the muscles, veins and arteries with the help of a suitable syringe. Surgery is also performed wherever needed. The treatment
is popular and fast.

Summarizing, important for recovery is the positive mental attitudes, regardless of the form of treatment.

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According to recent study, the more time people use the Internet, the less time they spend with real human beings. Should we worry about the effect this is having on social interaction or should we see the Internet as a way opening up new communication possibilities worldwide?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. (You should write at least 250 words)



I strongly view the Internet as a means of opening up new communication possibilities worldwide. In this essay I shall elaborately explain my view point.


Internet is a type of Media. It is a means of unit as well as mass communication. It is a mode of information and entertainment too. Other types of media are broadly, News Papers, Magazines, Radio and Television. Internet, News Papers and TV are the most popular media these days. TV had replaced Radio & listening to radio has become obsolete now.


In the recent days, Internet has gained maximum popularity. This is capable of giving information on any subject, product, and service, utility including past history and news.

Because of wide spread computerization these days, this has become popular. Especially students and younger generation use it the most.


Majority of population use Internet for news and entertainment. One gets latest information and can keep pace with the time. Needless to say “Information Is Power”.


Internet also helps promoting business through advertisements of variety of latest products & services. Besides there are many exclusive business portals on websites that give minute-by-minute information on Stock Markets & the Business World.


Educational, Training and Developmental programs are also available on websites. These are pretty beneficial for the community and especially students. In addition many awareness programs on Health & Environment play very important role in our lives.


Indeed in the Internet communication, personal touch has reduced to a very great extent. However taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of internet, the advantages are many and disadvantages are very few.


In summary, the Internet is a means of opening up new communication possibilities worldwide.      


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Who is the most intelligent person you know? Describe the person and say why you think he/she is intelligent.



I have read about Kim Ung-Yong: as one of the most intelligent personalities in the world.  Born on 8th March, 1962, this Korean super-genius was a child prodigy. He could speak at the age of 2 months, could converse fluently at 6 months; was a guest student of Physics at ‘Hanyang University’ at 3 and by 4 he was able to read Japanese, Korean, German and English. At his fifth birthday, he could solve complicated differential and integral calculus problems. At the age of 7 he was invited to America by NASA. He worked there for 10 years. This 49-year old man has the “Highest IQ” of 210, as recorded by “Guinness Book of World Records”.

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1. Who is your best friend? Describe this person and say why he/she is your best friend.

My best friend is one of my cousins named Kishor Jani. He loves me very much and so do I. He possesses a good sense of humor. He is very intelligent, sociable and open. He turns worst situation into the best one. Kishore is very honest, reliable and trust worthy too. In addition he is a very good communicator that has always made me feel very happy whenever we talk. In my bad days he had always been by me and encouraged overcome the problem. In my good days also he is always with me to share and celebrate the pleasures so he is my best friend. I strongly feel that “A Friend in Need Is A Friend Indeed” // “A Good Friend Is a Priceless Treasure”.

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Advertising is all around us it is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. Some people say advertising is a positive part of our lives while others say it is negative. Discuss both the views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You must write at least 250 words.
Advertising is an integral and a vital aspect of business sector. Advertisements are the means to communicate to masses by large, about the latest products and services available. Advertisements are the information and help to masses. Advertisements promote and enhance business and thereby economy of the nation.

However some advertisements of sleek undergarments of ladies are made highly sexy in appearance. Those advertisements are displayed in the form of huge hoardings by side of roads and on freeways. Those divert attention of drivers and result into road mishaps. Secondly those advertisements while aired on television are seen by children and those have negative and undesirable impact on the tender minds.

Some advertisements of Alcoholic beverages, Cigarette, Cigars and Tobacco products (popularly known as GUTKHA in India) are the most detrimental. By seeing these, viewers regardless of their age are tempted to use them and they finally fall into the trap of addiction and ruin their health.

Many advertisements of soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi etc are aired on TV with great exaggeration. Showing the consumer burning his clothes in flames and jumping from a tall building top and yet safely landing on the ground without even getting a bruise. This is absolutely unnatural and trick photography. This had bad effect on the minds of younger generation. In many cases, boys in the process of imitating the said advertisement set their clothes on fire and jumped down to the ground and all of them died. This is most pathetic.

In conclusion while advertising is an essential tool for enhancement of businesses, care must be exercised not to generate misleading advertisements or very sexy advertisements that can prove injurious.
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