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When have you been happily surprised by something? Describe the experience and say why the surprise was a happy one for you.

I was happily surprised when I received my appointment order from reputed oil PSU. Prior to this, I had been for working for construction of an oil refinery. I was hired as a temporary workman on a meek daily wage of Rs.10.50 per day. Meanwhile I applied against the permanent post of Senior Electrician in other oil PSU and I was interviewed there. One fine afternoon, during a lunch break, the doorbell rang. I was pleasantly surprised to see postman waiting to deliver an envelope. He delivered me a letter from that oil PSU. I quickly opened the cover and read the letter. Wow! This was my appointment letter for permanent post of Senior Electrician in that PSU. I was happily surprised and flabbergasted with joy, fun and excitements to win this lucrative job. Because the remuneration, fringe benefits, scope of carrier and the job security were high, this surprise was a happy one for me…

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